CX Communicate

The CRM and Contact Centre Platform

CX COMMUNICATE adapts to your evolving CX or CRM strategy, whether in its infancy or mature stage. Our platform offers prebuilt modules in an open-source environment, ensuring flexibility, affordability, and agility in solution design and implementation. The CX Group collaborates with you to address immediate and future business needs. With a focus on self-service capabilities, our robust technology supports all business units, providing functionality at the click of a button. Our demonstrations illustrate how your organization can seamlessly integrate and leverage our solution.

CRM, Contact Centre, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service applications are powerful alone — but together, they’re even better.



Customer service tools to help you resolve more queries faster, first time around, turning your customers into promoters that grow your business.


Sales Time-saving

Sales Time-saving tools that help you convert more leads, close more deals, and get deeper insights into your prospects.


Voice Contact centre

Voice Contact centre tools that allow you to run your full contact centre in the cloud, supporting in and outbound, multi-channel communication flows.



Powerful marketing tools that enable you to reach and engage with your desired market through personalized campaigns and track the effectiveness of your interactions.

Smart Solutions Strategic Excellence Expert Insights Navigating Complexity
Smart Solutions Strategic Excellence Expert Insights Navigating Complexity


Will run your Contact Centre effortlessly in the Cloud. Our integrated voice solution caters for all your telephony requirements whether in a normal office environment or a dedicated contact center with thousands of users. Click to-dial a CRM contact or let the predictive dialer push the right call to the right agent at the right time

key voice features

Provide exceptional customer interactions across any channel (Voice, SMS, Email, Web Chat, WhatsApp and other Social Media channels) - all managed in one place. Voice has you covered - no matter how customers reach out to you.

Create and manage campaigns on any channel using a static or dynamic dataset. Track the progress and effectiveness of your campaigns in real time.

Implement smart inbound strategies by setting up and managing your call flows with our call flow building blocks. Monitor your queues on the live call dashboard.

Choose the right dialer strategy for your campaigns: click-to-dial, power-dial, auto-dial, or predictive dialing. Our voicemail detection and AI best-time-to-call prediction engine will save you time and money.

Gain powerful insights. Dashboards with real-time data and historical reporting makes it easy to understand your business and manage customer experiences across all channels.


Increase The Volume and Quality of Your Sales. Put our time-saving tools to the test. They will help you convert more leads, close more deals and get deeper insights into your prospects. Make use of traditional and modern communication channels – all from one platform.

Key Lux Sales Features

Automatically allocate opportunities to sales agents and set automated actions to trigger follow-ups to ensure no opportunities are missed.

Automate routine sales and support functions to reduce time that could be spent on customers engagements.

Set up your business sales pipeline to ensure sales follow the correct process. Make it easy for your sales agents to win deals with a streamlined and intuitive sales tool.

Interact with customers using their preferred communication platform (email, SMS, live chat, WhatsApp and voice calls) to increase efficacy and build strong long term customer relationships.

Generate reports to gain valuable insight into your products or services. All actions and changes are tracked and visible on the communication threads. View sales activities and agent’s productivity on easy to customize real-time dashboards.

Generate beautiful and professional documents (PDFs, mail templates, quotes and invoices) and send or share them with your customers via the customer portal for online feedback and collaboration. You can also upload and store any additional documents against a contact or opportunity.


Get accurate forecasts - Use actionable data to make better decisions
Get more done in less time - Great Tools = Happy People
Real-time overview - Easily review your performances & next activities
Impress your customers - Create beautiful and professional quotes your customers can view, query, and accept online


Run Intelligent Automated Campaigns

Lux-Marketing gives you access to many different communication channels through which you can reach your audience; and reports and dashboards to measure the

success of your campaigns. Easily build automated campaigns or string together various campaigns to achieve dynamic and effective marketing.

Key Lux Marketing Features

Reach potential customers by setting up intelligent marketing campaigns with personalized messages that lead to meaningful

Powerful reporting provides customer behaviour insights and presents opportunities. Make data-driven decisions and improve your campaigns with key marketing analytics at your fingertips.

Make it easier for your customers to engage by allowing them to choose and switch between their preferred channel for interacting from email, live website chat, voice call, SMS, WhatsApp to other Social Media channels.

Automate virtually all aspects of your ongoing campaigns without sacrificing effectivity through personalization.

All forms of interactions are logged and linked back to your customer, use this to track employee to customer interactions and use this to fine-tune interactions to what works for your business to maximize customer satisfaction.

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